Red Queen & Red Rising: What’s the Difference?

At first glance, both books (written by different authors) have eerie similarities. The premise sounds the same.

Basically, the reds are the lower, underprivileged class in a society far into the future. And with the ultimate goal of freeing the reds from what basically amounts to slavery, the main character of each book have to pretend to be part of the ruling class (the Silvers for Red Queen and the Golds for Red Rising).

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Western Books for Anime/Manga Lovers

Is English your main language? Or is your English stronger than your Japanese?

I love the creativity of stories in Japanese manga and anime. A lot has made me laugh my ass off or cry my heart out. And for a long time, I wished that I didn’t have to wait for the manga to be translated or for the anime to get an English sub for me to enjoy.

With the advent of the YA and NA (young adult and new adult) genres in western books, I think we have something Anime and Manga fans can enjoy

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