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We’d like to give a Big THANK YOU to Ms Grace Draven. Thanks for taking the time to read our article!  It’s an honor to read your feedback! 🙂

Grace Draven is the author of the Wraith Kings Series and Master of Crows.

For those who like a fresh read on arranged marriages, try out “Radiance”

Princess Ildiko and Prince Brishen are married to secure an alliance. But instead of the usual whining and fighting I usually see in most books, the two decide to make the best of their situation.

They get to know each other better and become friends. And later, they fall in love despite differences in their culture and their standards of beauty (one looks ugly to the other and vice versa).

Give it a try. It’s basically two people being mature about their situation and decide to work together to make their marriage work!

You can buy it on AMAZON


And for those who love stories wherein a girl lives with a powerful and notorious magician (eg. Howl’s Moving Castle, Uprooted, etc), please try out the author’s book “Master of Crows”

You can buy it on AMAZON

Girl Lives with a Powerful Notorious Magician

Fantasy lovers must be very familiar with this trope

Let’s see if this sounds familiar. A girl who is in some way disenfranchised is left with no other recourse but to stay with a powerful but incredibly notorious magician or wizard.

More often than not, the girl comes in and is given the position of a servant. But then the girl is discovered to have an aptitude for magic.

But even before that, there’s this belligerent sexual tension between the girl and the magician that seems to imply that the magician sort-of views her his equal at least in terms of intellect and/or sheer stubbornness

Any of that familiar to you? Any of it sound good? Here are some recommendations for you:

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