Wings & Halo: Fiction with Angels

The following are good books featuring angels. I think readers who like romance would be interested in the following selections

Some things to note though:

With any Angel romance usually comes mention of the Nephilim, the offspring between an angel and a human. Usually the angel is male and the human is female. This is probably due to some Biblical references (it won’t be in the King James Version though) to sons of god (not Jesus) taking to wife the daughters of men.

Why does any Angel romance almost always include Nephilim mentions? Well, Nephilim are usually seen as taboo (aka creatures that should not be born). Hence it provides conflict to the angel and human from getting together. And what is a story without conflict?

In cases of Angelic romance, expect the angel to be the warrior type angel instead of the cute baby cherubs you see in some art forms. I’m not sure why but that always seem to be the case.

If you look at a book that has an angel being in love with a human, he is often (in cases of romance genre books) the warrior, “smiting” type angel that battles with evil. Expect the angel to not be very knowledgeable to how humans live their everyday lives though.

Funny enough that I haven’t read of a guardian angel/human romance. I’m sure it’s out there. But the ones that seem to be more popular are the warrior angel/human romance though. LOL. Personally, I think it’s because the warrior angel type is seen as more take-charge and assertive while the guardian angel type is seen as the more sensitive and supportive angel. And thus, the former gets more attention. But that’s just what I think

If there are any guardian angel/human romance you’d like to recommend, please let me know. And I’d be happy to take a look!

Now, without further ado, here are my book recs for angel romance

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Books that tell you Naruto was right all along

I’ll make this post short because I only read two non-fiction books that vindicate Naruto.

For most of the series, Naruto is told that to be Hokage he had to be a genius or he had to be fated to be Hokage. But Naruto certainly proved people wrong. He worked hard and persevered despite all the setbacks handed his way (eg. being dead last in school, hosting a demonic nine-tailed fox, etc).

If Naruto was ever the reading type, I’d imagine he’d get Boruto to read the following:

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Western Books for Anime/Manga Lovers

Is English your main language? Or is your English stronger than your Japanese?

I love the creativity of stories in Japanese manga and anime. A lot has made me laugh my ass off or cry my heart out. And for a long time, I wished that I didn’t have to wait for the manga to be translated or for the anime to get an English sub for me to enjoy.

With the advent of the YA and NA (young adult and new adult) genres in western books, I think we have something Anime and Manga fans can enjoy

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Female Sleuths in Interesting Settings

I love mysteries, especially when the main character is female. I admire how tough they are. Some unfortunately become cynical due to their profession requiring them to face liars, thieves, murderers and anything else in between . Admittedly, facing people who downright disrespect and harm you would make anyone question whether the job is worth it.

But these ladies continue on with their commitment to justice or basically just doing the right thing despite experiencing plenty of job-related, near-death experiences.

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How to Escape from the Implacable Man – 1. Beginning

With both hands heavily shackled, I stared up at the young man in front of me.

His golden hair, like that of an angel’s, was glowing with a faint light from the skylight that shined through the window, like how divinity was bestowed in religious paintings. No emerald could rival the brightness in his fresh verdure eyes, it looked all the more brilliant on that lovely, beautifully arranged features.

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