Breaking Moulds and Kicking Ass

If Sailor Moon has taught me anything, it has taught me that you can defend the weak and save the world even while wearing a tiara and mini skirt. Prior to this, I always thought saving the world requires a knowledge of martial arts (all the better to clobber the denizens of darkness), armor and a sword. LOL

But in any case, what I’m trying to say is that you don’t always have to fit the mould to achieve your goals in life. You don’t always have to cross-dress as a man to show that you can be just as tough and strong as a man. And you don’t always have to be ruthless and cruel to take down an enemy.

Sure, you have an idea of how to get to your goals. But it isn’t set in stone. And one spoiled opportunity should never mean the end of your dreams.

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“I’m Who?!!”

Amnesia storylines. Some love it. Some hate it.

But it doesn’t change the fact that it will continue to be used.

It’s very popular in the romance genre, especially to heighten angst. What better way for a character to miss a person (without killing or sending him away) than to make him forget about you? What better way to angst about your regrets for taking the loved one for granted than when he does not even remember ever loving you?

But the amnesia storyline is not solely the weapon of romantic angst. Some authors use it as a way to reinvent a character (ie making a previously establish character do things they would never do had they had their memories). While others use amnesia to heighten suspense (especially in thrillers wherein the knowledge the character lost may be critical to his survival).

And then there are some who use it to horrify, especially when a character forgets his memories as an subconscious way to protect himself from mental trauma.

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Blame It on Austen

Why is Regency Romance so popular? Notice how the romance section of your local bookstore contains a vast amount of books set in Regency England.

Why is that? And why is it that present-time writers still produce stories for this era?

Whether deserved or undeserved, I’m crediting Ms Jane Austen for the Regency Romance popularity. Personally, Pride and Prejudice was the first romantic book I encountered for this era. And I really loved it. Because what’s not to love?

  • The very eloquent hand-written letters.
  • The beautiful Regency-era clothes
  • The dances (especially the ones that make it look like a whole group is dancing in tandem) *note: please forgive me for being a huge ignoramous about this
  • I especially love the speech pattern of this era. The characters’ word choices and grammar sound so good that it sometimes goes over my head that they are actually insulting each other. LOL

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Unorthodox High School Romance

Whatever happened to “I like this person and I will ask them out?”

Well, for whatever reason, the main characters of the following books don’t seem to have romance (or at least romance with the designated love interest) at the forefront of their high school lives. And technically, there’s nothing wrong with that. But then something outside of their control brings the two together. And then a relationship that soon blossoms into love starts to develop.

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(Spoiler Alert) Dispensing Death without Hesitation

Warning: This article contains spoilers on the books, please be advised.

I just finished “Pretty Girls” by Karin Slaughter and I feel pretty miserable. The only thing that really motivated me to finish the book was the hope that the main characters managed to get justice for their sister. ¬†Who was one of many girls tortured and killed by sick, twisted monsters (in the figurative sense). In short, I really wanted slow, painful deaths for those villains. Sadly, the ending didn’t really satisfy me. Any form of justice OR VENGEANCE wouldn’t be able to undo the tragedies of that happened to the victims and their families (who are also victims in another way).

Which is why I temporarily turned to those instances wherein I derived a lot of satisfaction from villains get their final comeuppance. Just to take my mind of my melancholy

So first of all, a question: Have you ever felt joy during and even after reading of the death of a particularly despicable character? Then you might appreciate these books

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Retellings: Another Type of Fanfiction?

Fairy Tales like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella are so old that no one even knows who originally told these tales. In fact, I don’t think anyone really knows what the original versions are.

These stories have been retold an x number of times that new versions inevitably appear with each retelling. Now in present day, we even get to read published books that pretty much reinterpret or subvert the tales our parents/grandparents/nannies told us in our childhood.

So how many different versions could there be of one particular fairy tale?

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