Audiobook Retailers

Audiobooks are my current obsession.

I have to admit with work, chores and exercise getting in the way of my reading time, it just seems inevitable that I’ll try it out. After all, libraries are now loaning audiobooks. And with the help of the Overdrive app, it’s pretty easy to download the audiobooks and return it before or once the loan period ends.

What can I say about audiobooks that I haven’t covered in an earlier article?

It’s convenient. I don’t need to think about saving actual space in my cramped room. I can listen to my favorite author’s stories (and in the case of some authors, their narration) while on the go which saves on time. Time I spend laying down or sitting down while turning the page of a physical book can be turned into time I can use to clean up, work, jog and travel while listening to a story.

Now I know that not a lot of people like audiobooks and don’t consider it reading. But personally, audiobooks have good and professional narrators whose interpretation of character nuances and voices actually make things more interesting in my opinion. In some cases, the narrators publishers get are also actors you see on tv or the movies, which makes it even more fun in my opinion.

Honestly, 21st century libraries are the best. They managed to find a way to lend audiobooks and ebooks. Unfortunately, the my local library doesn’t have enough audiobook titles to fill my obsession.

Hence, why I have turned to audiobook retailers. So if you are an audiobook enthusiast, here are some retailers I would recommend. They are by no means perfect but I’ve tried their services and each have their good points!

The most prominent of which is


This audiobook retailer always get the number 1 rating in reviews. And I can see why. The monthly membership fee is affordable. For USD14.95, you get membership and 1 credit you can use to buy one audiobook. Take note that the usual price for audiobooks are actually much more expensive than that. After all, not only do you have to think about royalties to the author, you also have to think about the cost of producing the audio recording and hiring a talented narrator.

But I love Audible due to its Great Listen Guarantee, which basically allows you to get a refund if you didn’t like the audiobook you purchased.

And every month, Audible will have a sale for selected audiobooks. So it’s a great place for someone who loves audiobooks

Recently, Audible now provides 2 free new audible produced originals every month which I love. They even got an author to produce an audiobook even before the printed version ever came out. And this audiobook is only available on the Audible site.

Unfortunately, Audible’s proprietary attitude to Audible-produced audiobook is both a strength and a weakness. I have yet to see an Audible produced audiobook become available in a library or other audiobook retailers. So I think that others who aren’t inclined to go through Audible will not be able to try out their titles.

But all in all, for anyone looking for a huge collection of audiobooks for an affordable price, is the place for you


This is like the netflix for audiobooks. For a monthly fee of around USD 26, you can pretty much listen to their huge collection of audiobooks.

Playster’s collection is not as big as Audible’s. And you can’t keep audiobooks from Playster. But there’s less pressure in trying out books. I mean, even if Audible has this Great Listen Guarantee, I still feel guilty about returning audiobooks I don’t like.

So for me, I feel more at ease to try out audiobooks from Playster. Unlike Audible where I only buy audiobooks I’m pretty sure I would like.

Unfortunately, Playster’s app isn’t very user friendly in my opinion. So I would need to use an internet browser to find and choose audiobooks

3.) Downpour

If you can’t find an audiobook in Audible or Playster, it might be available on Downpour. For USD12.99, you can purchase 1 credit you can use to buy an audiobook. But depending on the audiobook, you might need more than 1 credit to buy an audiobook (unlike Audible where 1 credit would be enough to buy any title you want).

One thing to note is that Downpour has no Great Listen Guarantee. So Downpour will not refund a title if you don’t like it

4.) Audiobookstore

Audiobookstore has about the same number of titles as Downpour. But it’s more expensive. For new members, your first audiobook is about USD7.95. But afterwards, you will have to pay that amount every month for the membership fee. And if you want to buy an audiobook, you would have to pay the listed member price. Thus making it more expensive than Audible and Downpour

However, this retailer has a Great Listen Guarantee that refunds a title you don’t like

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