The Earl’s Bad Wife 14

Chapter 14 To be supported

I wanted to find out more details on my husband’s mysterious behavior but they couldn’t tell me the full details on who they heard it from.

「If you’re gathering information, why not try going to the masquerade ball?」

「The masquerade ball……」

It seems the masquerade ball gets held every few months, a ball where you wear a mask that hides your eyes and attend with an assumed name.

I recognize that the ball was held not for socializing but completely for personal enjoyment.

Written invitations have been delivered to me but it was quite sketchy given that it was sent by someone called 『 The Mask Association』 and I thought I shouldn’t be going out so late at night so I’d refused every time.

When I told them I never once went, they were surprised.

「If that’s the case, that means you don’t know of 『Young Silver-Haired Noble』, then?」

「Yeah. This is the first I’m hearing it」

According to them, the young silver-haired noble was a man that started attending the mask ball about nine months ago. He had silver hair, slender and tall, and had an elegant air about him. And I hear he was a surprisingly good dancer.

「He’s really dreamy!」

「I’ve danced with him myself once and it was like a dream!」

As soon as the topic of the young silver-haired noble came out, everyone got fired up.

「Silver hair, huh……。Was there a man like that in high society?」

「I hear it’s probably a wig」


They say this noble never reveals his lineage.
The point about being mysterious may also be one of the factors that’s making the ladies go crazy.

「I think the young silver-haired noble is the second prince!」

「You think so too?」

……The true identity of the young silver-haired noble is the second prince~~?

I don’t think that’s true.

I can’t say this out loud at all but the second prince, Augusto Ferdient von Meklenberg, was gloomy and I could hardly expect him to be any good at socializing.

From what I hear about the young silver-haired noble, he seems to be a flawless individual who was sociable and would never give out his own information.

The likelihood that he was the socially awkward second prince was probably close to zero.

「Hermina-san, the masquerade ball is quite enjoyable so why not try attending with your husband?」

「There won’t be any problems if you go with your husband, right?」

「Yeah, I guess. I’ll think about it」

For some reason, the desire to uncover the true identity of the so-called young silver-haired noble was gradually coming up to a boil.

The next ball will be held exactly in once week’s time.

I still haven’t given a response, in the meantime, my husband wasn’t at home.

I was thinking, maybe it would be okay to attend to gather information and meet the silver-haired noble.

In order to attend the masquerade ball, I have to get a wig and mask, and also a brand new dress.

After that, with the tea party dissolved, I began preparing to visit Dorothea-oneesama’s home in the afternoon.


Just as promised, my husband came home.

With our getup in perfect order, we set off to the house Dorothea-oneesama married into together.

My older sister looked considerably better than when I saw her a week ago.

「Dorothea-oneesama I’m so glad you’re alright」

「Yes, I got better all thanks to you」

Since she told us she can start training again in a little bit, I pleaded for her to keep resting for a while.

Dorothea-oneesama was powerful as always.

After that, my nephew, Franc came in with the nanny, who was holding the babies, and introduced me to his three younger sisters.

「The cheerful one here is Elizabeth, the crybaby is Henrietta and the quiet one is Emily」

Ahh, why are they all so adorable? I ended up trembling in front of the babies.

Even though I wanted to take my time looking at them, I have to talk with elder sister right now.

Separating from my cute nephew and nieces, I moved on to the topic at hand.

It seems sister has gotten the run down about adopting the second prince’s child from brother-in-law.

After a brief moment of relief, I got pinned down with a stern gaze.

「Are you fully aware of how important this decision is?」


At first, I’d decided it without taking it too seriously.

Since I heard it was my husband’s child at first, I’d thought it was just perfect.

But, it’s different now.

「I thought of how I wanted to change」

「Why is that?」

「I can’t explain it very well but I know I musn’t go on like this……」

Mother had told me.

That by taking care of the child, I myself can also grow.

「……you have a point, perhaps we’ve spoiled you too much」

Elder sister had given my husband an apology.

「Erich-san, I’m sorry. Were you running into trouble handling my younger sister?」

「No, no. Not at all」

My husband showed her his usual honey smile and gave a good-natured reply.

Since he’d been serving the seemingly eccentric second prince for a long time, perhaps he was a very patient person.

Dorothea-oneesama had given my husband instructions on how to handle(?) me.

「Even if she has any ridiculous demands or invitations, please refuse them, okay?」

「I could never, it’d be too good for the likes of me」

So Dorothea-oneesama posed a question to me too. She asked whether I’ve sent any unreasonable demands or strange invitations to my husband.

「We-ell, I went with him to the forest for baptism before this」

「”Baptism”? You mean at the place Alexia always goes to!?」


「Good heavens! How awful!」

“That’s not a place normal people go to”, she said, scolding me.

I’ve been told before. That I shouldn’t make others put up with my hobbies.

Dejected, my shoulders slumped.

While I was feeling downhearted, my husband came to my aid.

「Er, sister-in-law, it’s fine. After all, I enjoyed the outing too」

「You don’t have to force yourself」

Just once, it seems Dorothea-oneesama had gone with Alexia-oneesama for baptism. She says she’d slipped on a cliff along the way and had almost been critically injured.

「Weren’t you told by Alexia herself not to go there?」

「……I was」

But, in order to wipe my sin clean, I thought I had to go there.

“I’m sorry for breaking my promise”, I said, deeply bowing my head.

I also apologised to my husband telling him I was sorry for bringing him to such an outrageous place.

「It’s fine. Let’s go to a safe place next time, shall we?」

「……yeah, thank you」

I only got to realize it now. But I am seriously an odd-ball.

Why hadn’t I noticed it up till now? I’m feeling depressed.

「Well, we were also partly to blame in making you like that. So I’d like to apologise for that fact」

Dorothea-oneesama apologised to me.

「You’ve done nothing wrong, onee-sama」

「No, in trying to protect you, we―― no, never mind, it’s nothing. Let’s get back to topic」

My sister says:

“It would probably be good to learn a lot through parenting”

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