The Earl’s Bad Wife 9

Chapter 9 The child has been born but…

The moment we returned from our honeymoon, I moved into my husband’s estate.

The place we were going to live from now on was not his parent’s house, but a house newly built in the outskirts. Our surrounding was rich in nature and it seems a garden of roses was also being grown. I’m told that if all goes well, there will be beautiful roses in bloom next season.

In a corner of the garden there was an open space where horses could graze.

My favorite white horse, Christina, was brought there as well.

She was shy of strangers, so it seems she was wary of my husband’s black horse, who was staying in the same pen.

It would be nice if they could get along, though.

At the back of the residences, there was also a training ground.

The storehouse next to it had not only swords, but also a great number of weapons like bows, spears, and axes stored inside.

It seems my husband will be teaching me how to handle them after I told him I wanted to be able to use weapons other than swords.

I’m eagerly looking forward to it.

Inside the mansion, things that answered my demands were present.

My mother’s room had been prepared with a subdued color scheme based around white. She had been extremely delighted so I must thank my husband.

The servants too, every single one who’d worked for my family was brought along.

It seems the maids were deeply moved that they could work even for the family I was marrying into.

Thus, our married life started but my husband was as busy as ever.

Since we were newly weds, there were a lot of people who rushed to us to offer their congratulations.

Even my husband’s relatives came along. Since the person himself wasn’t at home, I received them on my own.

I hope I’m doing a good job of receiving them, though.

As usual, a postcard arrived from my husband who went on a diplomatic trip abroad.

His gratitude over me taking care of the household was expressed there in writing.

This was a wife’s duty too. I plan to reliably do this duty well.

Thankfully, I loved to do things like talking and listening, so I was enjoying myself.

I also visited Keira Von Weigand, several times.

When I told her about the matter of the recognition being settled, she’d cried tears of joy.

After she gives birth, it seems the child will be taken care of by the orphanage that the church manages.

I promised that I would visit her with the child once a month after its born.

A jeweler that was summoned by my husband who’d returned home after a long absence, showed up.

Gorgeous gem accessories were lined up on the table, and then he told me I could buy whatever I liked.

He chose a large garnet necklace for me. The glamorous red jeweled necklace had a lovely design.

My husband complimented me saying red looks good on me.

But once I though about why he was buying this for me, I realized that today was my 21st birthday. I’d completely forgotten about it in the busy days.

In the evening, a grandiose surprise party was held.

Elke-oneesama, Charlotte-oneesama, Clara-oneesama, and Bianca-oneesama came quickly for me.

It seems my husband invited them for me.

It’s been a while since I had a lively birthday where a lot of people gathered.

I was so happy that my eyes grew hot, so I ended up hiding my face with my fan.

Marriage life wasn’t as bad as I imagined.

My husband was almost always gone, though.

Maybe it’s good that the other was maintaining a moderate distance.

While spending such days, Dorothea-oneesama gave birth.

It was far past her expected delivery date so it turned out to be a long drawn birth.

Now, both the mother and her children are in a dangerous situation.

She had triplets.

But with all of the children premature, they were all hovering between life and death with Dorothea-oneesama. (1)

Since it was Oneesama, herself, who requested it when she returned to consciousness, her situation was relayed to the family.

My husband gently comforted me while I was feeling down.

As I listened to the words, “you don’t have to worry”, “it’s going to be okay” repeat over and over again, I was able to somehow regain my energy.

A short time passed after that and Onee-sama and her children were now in a stable condition.

Which mean, there’s no need to worry anymore.

In that brief moment of respite, news arrived.

Keira Von Weigand gave birth.

The delivery was done at the monestary.

I’m shocked by the fact that she’d already gotten divorced and had left the viscount residence.

At any rate, to chase out a pregnant lady from his house, the viscount is such a terrible brute.

But, perhaps that was what a loveless marriage was like.

Unfortunately, my husband is at work. He was scheduled to return from his business trip tonight.

I wondered what to do, but thinking I should simply go see the situation, I decided to head to the monastery alone.


I departed after making cookies for the children at the orphanage.

A few of the cookies were deformed but since it’s Alexia-oneesama’s treasured recipe, I can guarantee the taste.

Putting the cookies and Keira Von Weigand’s get well present inside the basket, I headed out on carriage.

First, I handed over the sweets to the children I met. Since they thankfully looked delighted, I felt relieved.

Being surrounded by adorable children, I felt completely healed up.

After that, with the guidance of a nun, we went to where Keira Von Weigand was.

With what happened to Dorothea-oneesama, when I heard both mother and child were fine, I breathed out a sigh of relief.

In front of the room, the nun turned her head back and meekly addressed me.

「At her request, we’d turned down all visiting requests. But if it’s you, Hermina-sama……」

「Yes, it should be alright. I am aware of the situation」

「Is… that so? ……no, never mind, it’s just I was also surprised」

I wonder why she was talking like she saw something she shouldn’t have.

「No, it’s nothing. Please come in」


I was curious, but when she opened the door, I felt like I shouldn’t ask any further. Well, for the nun who symbolizes purity, perhaps a child born out of infidelity was a sinful existence.

Finally, the nun told me that she was inside the room. It seems she will end her guidance here.

I said my thanks and parted ways.

Keira Von Weigand was leaning on the back of the couch and had been staring at a precious-looking baby.

When she realized I was here, she broke into a smile.

「Congratulations. I’m glad you were able to deliver safely」

「Yes, thank you very much」

Now that she had a divorce with the viscount, she was using her maiden surname, Plovak.

When I said, “It must have been tough for you”, she shook her sideways.

It seems she used to have a tough time in the residence without a place to be herself.

「If I’d known I’d feel this much at ease, then I would’ve thought to leave earlier」

「I see」

Since we took a break from the conversation, I decided to have a look at the child’s face. She happily turned the newly-born baby to face me.


The instant I peered into the child’s face, I froze.

Thinking it can’t possibly be, I rubbed my eyes and looked again. But I hadn’t seen wrong.

「Ah-uhm… that child is――」

「Her face is still bloated, but it’s a girl」

「No, that’s not what I mean……」

I couldn’t quite grasp the situation.

As to why that was, it was because the child, that Keira Von Weigand was holding, had black hair.

In this country, those with black hair were limited to but a few people.

That is… only those who had the blood of the royal family running in their veins.

Black hair and blue eyes, to be more precise. Since Father had been a person whose name was in the royal family list, my hair and eyes proves that I was a relative of the royal family as well.

Since her eyelids weren’t open, I don’t know the eye color.

But it was impossible for a baby with black hair to be born outside the royal family.

Naturally, Keira Von Weigand, the child’s mother, was not royalty. She had chestnut-brown hair and violet eyes.

My husband had golden hair and verdant green eyes. A child born out of the two wouldn’t have had black hair.

「M-may I… ask one thing?」


「This child’s father… isn’t my husband, is it?」

When I asked the question, Keira Von Plovak cast her eyes down and nodded gravely.

“Who on earth is the father?”, I asked pressing her hard for the answer.

She’d kept her mouth closed for a while, but eventually, looking like she was about to cry, gave up the father’s name.

「――This father of this child is… the second prince, Augusto Ferdient von Meklenberg」

D E A R G O D ! !

The one who laid a hand on the maid wasn’t my husband, but the prince.

I finally understand why the prince was being severely worked to death.

Did that mean my husband was simply taking the blame for the prince’s reputation? I don’t get it at all, I’m so confused.

(1) I’m not too sure whether the word 未熟児 (premature babies) is the right word to use here, normally babies are called premature if they are born earlier than the expected delivery date. However, chapter 7 and the current chapter clearly states that she’s way past her delivery date…

In chapter 7 – they were expecting twins (delivery is usually 37 weeks) and here, Hermina finds out they were actually triplets (usually 33 weeks).

I guess the author is trying to say that the children are not fully developed/malnourished? Based on this article, pregnant women normally give birth earlier because the growth of twins/triplets while inside the womb might slow down or stop entirely because of the limited space of the womb.

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