Supernaturals Incognito

Why would supernatural beings bother to pretend being part of the “normal” human population when they have abilities that could easily overpower a large group of people?

It’s usually one or a mixture of the following factors:

1.) It’s the modern world where science and logic trumps faith and superstition. In general, people will believe only what’s been proven to be true through repeated experiments that produce the same results. In this day and age, any hint of magic would be suspected of being a trick rather than the real thing. And anyone who claims otherwise may find themselves being forced to go see a therapist. For supernaturals that are powered by people’s belief in them, this would greatly weaken the aforementioned supernaturals. The less people who believe in them, the more weakened their powers become.

2.) Supernaturals are few and hunted. In this scenario, the supernaturals feel the need to hide. There aren’t a lot of them in the world. And despite having the power to take down a lot of humans, it remains a fact that there are a lot more humans out there and the supernaturals do not have an unlimited pool of power and resources to kill all humans. In cases like this, supernaturals usually have a weak point that surviving humans can exploit. There may also be an added fact that there are a group of humans devoted to making sure this supernatural beings go extinct.

3.) Supernaturals may take the modern world of science and logic as a kind of two-edged sword. While they are relegated to tales to scare children to behave, it is also an opportunity for supernaturals to more easily prey on an unsuspecting human population. In this case, the anonymity is a boon as opposed to a superstitious mob who would be on their guard every time they see someone victimized under unusual circumstances. In this day and age, being attacked by a vampire would not really be at the top of a doctor’s diagnosis if his patient suddenly gets sick, pale and seemingly anemic

4.) For those who started out human (or thinking they are human), the supernatural feels the need to hold on to their humanity. For some, trying to look normal is a form of denial to their new supernatural state. And for others, staying human is their way of staying true to their identity or fighting against a curse that make them act outside of the values they hold most dear

But what do you think? Please do feel free to comment.

PS: I realize that there’s a LOT of books with Supernatural Creatures pretending to be human. So I’ll be posting my book recs sometime in the future LOL

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