Discussions: Hermina & Eric (from the beginning to Chapter 7)

For those who have not yet read the first 7 chapters of The Earl’s Bad Wife, I suggest you do so before reading this post as it contains spoilers up to Chapter 7.

So on to the discussion!

The Earl’s Bad Wife (at least the first 7 chapters) has been told solely from Hermina’s point of view

For me, this makes it easy for me to love Hermina! I mean, she’s clearly a girl most people would love to hang out with. She’s very close to her family. And she’s pretty smart (though sadly lacking in experience when it comes to romance and romantic relationships).

Many readers (myself included) believe that the Keira’s unborn baby is not Eric’s. But with Eric neither confirming or denying it, I think it’s understandable for Hermina to assume that it is Eric’s child.

And speaking of Eric, what makes that man tick anyway? I find his interactions with Hermina to be ADORABLE!

But I really want to know what he’s thinking. How does he really view Hermina?

This is one of those times I wish the story was told from alternating POV’s so that we get to know Eric for ourselves instead of knowing him solely from Hermina’s POV

Now that they finally got married (as of Chapter 7), I’m really hoping to see more of Eric and find out why he is who he is.

Also, I wonder how Hermina plans to treat the unborn baby? I understand that she’s all for adopting the child. And from how she is with her niece, I’m pretty sure that any child (her husband’s illegitimate baby or not) would be lucky to have her. She’s basically a friend to children!

Which makes me come back to the title…

In what way is Hermina a “BAD” wife? Are we talking about a wife who doesn’t perform her duties and responsibilities to her husband and new household? Or are we talking about BAD as in being wicked to people around her?

LOL! what do you think, readers?

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  1. As the translator who is privy to some spoilers, I can’t comment on the discussion. But I also want to hear what the reader’s think, so as an incentive: the next chapter will be released earlier if there are 40 unique commentators that reply their thoughts on Hermina & Eric. My reply not included.


  2. Hahahaha
    I think the tittle of “Bad” is the people’s impression towards Hermina, that from an outsider’s view she is a rather harsh, blunt/curt/sharp and strict, arrogant and also looks just like a villainess (beautiful face, but harsh eyes)….. so they think that she is a bad girl (… maybe she did something when young?)
    In short, she isn’t a little woman (cute, delicate, modest, weak), she is a big woman (confident and independent). And of couse, outsiders don’t know how she really is for fear of approaching her.

    As for Eric… he is just a big M who likes to be under a woman’s feet lol
    Or at least is that the impression he gives me XD
    He is probably quite the gentle person, but a gentle woman is no good for him~!

    As for that Keira, she probably rolled on the sheet with someone else, said it was from the prince, but it didn’t work, was menaced and now is saying that it was from his bodyguard…. which also isn’t…… that’s my guess~

    1. People judging Hermina as “Bad” due to her looks and facade sounds about right! THanks for sharing! I never thought of it that way before! It would certainly be interesting to read of other people’s opinion of her and her relationship with Eric

      And Eric. Oh, Eric. So far, he’s been such a gentleman. But I do wonder if he met Hermina in the past and this made him MORE THAN Willing to go through the wedding. I haven’t read beyond Chapter 7 either. So I’m not sure. But it seems to me that he knows a lot more about Hermina than he lets on

    1. That’s a good point! We don’t know what’s going on in his mind so we don’t know if he has tsundere or yandere tendencies! LOL!
      It would be really great if there’s a chapter in his POV!
      Personally, I think he really is a gentleman that adores Hermina. But he hasn’t shown just how much. This is from me who hasn’t read past chapter 7

  3. I’d like to imagine that Eric is likely just helping the prince (?) or some other person hide their child and lover or something – maybe from assassins (?). And potentially Eric’s playboy persona is just a facade to make people underestimate his bodyguard skills? Either way, I would still love to know what he’s thinking, since I’m pretty sure they’d be really cute or hilarious – he seems to really care for Hermina. I wonder if we’ll every see his backstory?

    And that in reference to the title, I’m guessing it has to do with Hermina’s attitude maybe? Lol. She’s always so hardcore, and probably, her true character is considered too unlady-like (and quite macho lol). And since the novel is set in the Victorian/Regency or similar setting, it’s likely considered a “bad” thing if Hermina doesn’t act like a swooning maiden. So when they say “bad” wife, they may mean an eccentric one. Luckily for Hermina, and us, Eric seems to like her as she is though.
    ( ̄▽ ̄)

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