Dogs Make Everything Better

Let’s welcome the Year of the Dog with recommendations of books about or (at least) mention dogs. The following show how much the author really loves dogs. And why people keep calling them “Man’s Best Friend”

If the story is told from the point of view of the dog owner, it’s often shown that having a dog is a responsibility almost comparable to having a child. You really need to have patience to keep a dog with you. Knowing that the dog’s health and happiness depends on the dog owner, keeping the dog requires at least a certain amount of affection for their four-legged charges. But more often than not, this affection often evolves to Love if it hasn’t done so at first sight

If the story is told from the point of view of the dog, you often see a point of view similar to Dug’s from the movie UP. While the dog doesn’t fully understand what their masters are doing, it is pretty obvious that the dog fully accepts and loves their owners

So here are some books I would recommend for dog lovers or those that want to have dogs. Please note that these are fiction and are not a how-to guide to preparing for dogs. But they would give you an idea of what having a dog would be like:
For Kids

Bunnicula by James Howe

While the first story revolves around the titular bunny named “Bunnicula,” this story is narrated by the family dog Harold.

Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo

A heart-warming story about a girl and her dog. Having read this book, there is no doubt in my mind why this is a Newbery Honor winner. OMG. Opal and her dad just moved to a new place. And it is in a Winn-Dixie supermarket where she meets a dog she names after the said supermarket.

The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

Due to a scandal connected to her politician father, Andi is unceremoniously uninvited to her summer internship. So much for using it as a stepping stone for med school. Now she is left with no other choice but to find a summer job while stuck with her dad at home for the first time in years. The summer job she manages to get: Dog-walker

Love and Chaos by Elizabeth Powers

Emma finds herself in a marriage of convenience with Mason. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that he’s emotionally distant. An already complex cohabitation is made even more complex when Emma learns Mason hates dogs while she has a pet dog aptly named Chaos
Contemporary Fiction

Worthy by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Virginia’s fiancee abandons her dog T-Rex without her knowledge. Needless to say, this becomes a deal-breaker for Virginia. Fortunately for T-Rex, he is found by Buddy. Unbeknownst to both Buddy and Virginia, T-Rex (now called Worthy) acts as a bridge to a past that connects both people

Hello Love by Karen McQuestion

The dog Annie is one of the only things Dan and his daughter has left of his wife. They are crushed when Annie is kidnapped by random men. Meanwhile, Andrea finds joy and comfort from her divorce when she rescues a sweet dog from a couple of abusive tenants

Cujo by Stephen King

The story is about a St Bernard named Cujo. A dog faithful to his young master and a friend to all children. Unfortunately, this being a Stephen King novel, something goes horribly wrong. Cujo is bitten by a bat and contracts rabies. Thus ending up killing several people and terrorizing a mother and child stuck inside their car

A Darkness Absolute by Kelley Armstrong (Book 2 of the Casey Duncan/Rockton Series)

I suggest you read Book 1 City of the Lost first to get an understanding of the setting. But just as a short introduction, the story is set in a town called Rockton. It is basically a town filled with people who want to stay missing. Main character Casey Duncan was a Canadian police officer who finds herself in Rockton to escape her dark past. By the start of the second book, her boss/lover Eric surprises her with an adorable Newfoundland puppy

The Darkest Evening of the Year by Dean Koontz

Amy Redwing loves dogs. She’s devoted her life to rescuing dogs. And even has two Golden Retrievers as pets. The story really gets going when she rescues a Golden Retriever named Nickie. There’s something about Nickie that’s different from other dogs. Nothing malevolent, mind you. But Nickie seems to be a catalyst for Amy to confront the past that she’s buried long ago

Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews (Book 1 of the Innkeeper Chronicles)

Dina is an inkeeper. No, this is not set in a medieval or regency era timing. On the outside, Dina’s inn looks like an ordinary bed and breakfast in Texas. But in truth, she only entertains specific types of guests: the extraterrestrial types. In this world, vampires and werewolves originate from other planets. With help from her super-powered shih-tzu Beast and her supernatural inn, Dina is able to keep rambunctious (and maybe even obnoxious) guests in their places

Betrayals by Kelley Armstrong (Book 4 of the Cainsville series)

Olivia Taylor-Jones is stuck in the cross-hairs of various fae allegiances. Her choice of allegiance will ensure one side gets to survive the highly industrialized modern world. Further complicating matters are a string of murders being pinned on her biker boyfriend. And seemingly related to these murders is the presence of a Fae Hound

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