Trilogy Trends

Read any trilogy series and tell me if the below observation isn’t true:

Notice how the second book in a trilogy almost always ends with something really bad happening to the Main Character(s)?

Well I did. I would have listed down all the books (and movies) I’ve seen going with this trend. But it would just be too numerous to name.

Though here are some examples:

I once asked about why this is so. And bonehead that I am, I forgot what was answered. But it had something to do with the second book corresponding to the second act of a play. The second act is often (or rather, ALWAYS) where the antagonist gets the upper hand. Hence the protagonist is often at an extreme disadvantage.

Expect Book 2 of the trilogy to end in a cliffhanger. All the more reason for readers/watchers to tune in to Book 3 where you feel relieved that the hero will rise again from the rock bottom the villain has thrown him (or her) into.

So what do you think reader? Do you agree with this observation? Do you disagree? Have you just realized that you’re reading a Second Book of a Three Book Series and currently dreading what happens at the end?

Please leave a comment and let us know!

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