Books that Make Kindle Unlimited Worth It

Subscribers to Kindle Unlimited will know that it has a LOT of titles. But unfortunately, it takes time to separate the chaff from the wheat.

How does one usually do it?

You can look at their Best-Sellers list. Or look at the number of great customer reviews and ratings.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you would enjoy the title yourself. I’ve seen a lot of titles that have great ratings and reviews. But unfortunately were not my cup of tea.

So here are titles that (I think) make subscribing to Kindle Unlimited worthwhile. You may or may not agree with me. But I think these titles are worth a try!

Young Adult

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by JK Rowling

If you haven’t read Harry Potter, I think now is the time to do it! But if you have no idea what it’s about then let me give you a synopsis

Orphaned Harry Potter lives with his Aunt and her family. And truth be told, he grows up unloved in a family who does not believe or (rather) does not want to believe in the existence of magic. Harry’s life takes a turn for the better when he receives a letter of acceptance from the Hogwarts School of Magic.


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Another book that everyone seems to know about. Or at least has watched the movie.

But for the benefit of those who have no idea what it’s about, here is a short synopsis:

In dystopic future, all 12 districts of North America are required to offer tributes (a boy and a girl between 12 to 18) to participate in a reality “show” where all 24 children have to kill each other until only one victor remains.

While tributes traditionally chosen by lottery, Katniss Everdeen becomes one by volunteering in place of her much younger sister (knowing full well her chances of survival are little to none).


The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud

A book that needs more love.

In an alternate England, magicians rule the land. But their magic is based on their strength to summon magical entities like djinn, marids and ifrits (all of whom are enslaved and will do anything to undermine their masters when given the chance)

Bartimaeus is one such djinn. And the book starts with Bartimaeus being summoned again. But this time, he is summoned by 12 year old Nathaniel. What does Nathaniel want: revenge against a powerful magician called Simon Lovelace


Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park

Unlike the above titles, Flat-Out Love is a contemporary fiction filled with very likeable characters.

Main character Julie is going to college. Unfortunately, she is left with no place to live.

She receives a lucky break with help from her mom whose friend has a room available at her family home. Thus begins Julie’s life in Boston. She lives with her mom’s friend along with the friend’s husband and kids. The kids include Matt (who’s around the same age) and Celeste (a quirky young girl who’s so attached with her eldest brother Finn that she keeps a flat life-sized cutout of him and called it “Flat Finn”).

Julie is charmed with the family and even strikes up an online friendship with Finn (who’s apparently abroad). But there’s a family secret that could tear the relationship she has with this family apart..


Angelfall by Susan Ee

An angel apocalypse happened. This makes Penryn’s life harder with a younger sister who can’t walk and a mom with mental illness. And things start to get worse when she witnesses an angel being attacked by a full group of angels.

The attack ends with the angel having his wings cut off and with Penryn’s sister getting abducted (as revenged for Penryn’s interference with the attack).

Now Penryn is on a quest to rescue her sister Paige. And for that, she needs the de-winged angel Raffe to help her. That is if they don’t kill each other on the way to the Aerie


Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

Long story short: It’s about a rich boy genius (the titular Artemis Fowl) who decides to steal gold from the fairies. How does he do it? By capturing one and holding it for ransom.

The fairy in question? Her name is Holly Short, a member of the fairy’s equivalent to the police force the LEPRecon (something people often think of as Leprechaun).


Atlanta Burns by Chuck Wendig

Everyone knows not to mess with Atlanta Burns. This street-smart teen proved it by shooting her mother’s boyfriend in the crotch for attempting to rape her. While the experience left her far too cynical, it hasn’t totally turned her heart into stone. She is still able to make friends. Unfortunately, one of them commits suicide. At least, that’s what the police says. But Atlanta knows that it isn’t true…


Under Different Stars by Amy A Bartol

Kricket Hollowell spent her life in foster care. And she never wants to go back. Unfortunately, she finds out that her deceased biological parents are actually extraterrestrials and come from two warring factions/countries/races. And Kricket is in the middle of a custody battle. And both sides are going to do whatever it takes to get to her.

Why all this trouble for one girl? Kricket finds out soon enough.


Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram

Internet Pen Pals fall in love in this Cinderella retelling. Wherein both lose contact due to Ella’s accident and suicide attempt without knowing the other’s true identity.

The accident leaves Ella with a limp and without her mom. Having no other choice, she is forced to live with her dad and his new family. All this time never knowing that “Cinder” is in love with her and is actually a very popular teen heartthrob


The Hallowed Ones by Laura Bickle

One of the most unique Young Adult dystopian novels I’ve read so far.

The novel begins at the onset of a vampire dystopia. No one wants to believe vampire-like beings are preying on people. And the Amish community (which Katie is a part of) is one of the only few safe places left.

The vampires in this world must be invited in. And faith can repel them.

However, no one. Not even the Bishop in Katie’s community wants to believe in vampires. Though that doesn’t stop them from keeping their people in and keeping any outsider out.

But when Katie finds a young man near death, she cannot find it in herself to obey the Bishop’s edict. She has to do the right thing. And isn’t it right to save someone rather than leave him to die?

Unfortunately, a good Amish family is attacked soon after….



Nice Dragons, Finish Last by Rachel Aaron

Julius Heartstiker really subverts the whole Dragon stereotype. Dragons are supposed to be ruthless and cutthroat. But being a nice dragon makes Julius (already the runt of the litter) into the family embarrassment. Having had enough, his mom Bethesda gives him an ultimatum: Prove himself a proper dragon or be literally eaten


Indexing by Seanan McGuire

In this world, fairytale narratives can take on lives of their own and cause havoc (and even death) on the real world. Henrietta “Henry” Marchen and her colleagues are there to put a stop to narratives that take over people’s lives (even as they themselves are dealing with their own fairy tale narratives).

Anyone who’s a fan of the Grimm TV Show and TV Tropes might want to take a look at this series.


Followed by Frost by Charlie N Holmberg

Smitha can be described as a mean girl. When cruelly spurns the wrong man, Smitha is cursed. And now everywhere she goes, there’s an eternal winter. Things get even more complicated when she gains the notice of Death…


The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

It’s an  Alternate Britain wherein being a clairvoyant is illegal. Anyone with these abilities usually have to resort to the criminal underworld to be relatively “safe.” Unfortunately, Paige Mahoney  had to display her “unnaturalness” in plain sight. And she is taken to the Rephaim and put under the “care” of the Blood-Consort only known as Warden



Play Dead by Anne Frasier

Elise Sandburg was left in a Savannah cemetary as a baby. And it is heavily suspected that she is the child of a notorious root doctor. Years later, she is a police detective assigned a new partner with a dark past. And they are to investigate a number of killings which involve the victims being dosed with a drug that leaves them paralyzed and in a death-like state prior to their actual killings


Ghost Gifts by Laura Spinella

Aubrey Ellis can see ghosts and gets (reluctantly) involved in closing their unfinished business. With the discovery of the body of a dead girl from a decades old murder case, Aubrey has to partner with no-nonsense journalist Levi St John to cover this story.

Question is: why hasn’t the dead girl’s spirit contacted Aubrey?


Harmony Black by Craig Schaefer

Harmony Black is an FBI agent and a witch. She’s also been recruited into a secret program that exists to battle supernatural forces. For her first case, the team is to deal with the Bogeyman, a creature responsible for abducting her younger sister (who she never saw again)


Furious by TR Ragan

Faith McMann was living a normal life with her husband and two children. Until she and her husband are left for dead while her children are taken.  She will not accept never seeing her children again. And if she has to storm the criminal underworld to get them back. Then that’s exactly what she’ll do.


Historical Fiction

Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold by Ellen O’Connell

Anne is a spinster at 28 and Cord is considered a “half-breed” with his father marrying a Cheyenne woman. When they are found alone together, Anne’s family is furious. Anne’s father is both sadistic and furious enough to have Cord beaten to a pulp and have a preacher marry Cord to Anne (with the understanding that Cord doesn’t have long to live with the beating he got).

But clearly, Anne’s father underestimated the two


Yellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim

When Lisbeth was born at her parents’ plantation, her care was given to Mattie (a black wet-nurse). And so it was that Lisbeth grew to love Mattie more than her own mother.


Contemporary Fiction

Hello Love by Karen McQuestion

Dan and his daughter lost a wife & mother. And the one thing they have to keep them going is their dog Anni. Unfortunately, Anni is stolen.

Meanwhile, Andrea is recovering from a divorce. Her lonely life gets a turn for the better when she rescues a sweet dog from a couple of no-good tenants…


Worthy by Catherine Ryan Hyde

The young boy, Buddy loses his father Aaron the same day Aaron finally asks local diner waitress Virginia out on a date. Nineteen years later, Virginia is about to get married but breaks it off when she finds out that her fiancee intentionally lost her beloved dog.

Meanwhile said dog is found by a young man living with his ailing grandfather. Readers soon realize the young man is Buddy…

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