Ruling and Intrigue (Politics in YA)

Everyone wants power.

Unfortunately, power is treated and viewed as a limited resource. To have it means that a lot of other people do not have it. To have power, after all, means that a certain number of people (willingly or not, knowingly or not) have to submit to your will.

To have none makes you vulnerable to those unscrupulous enough to use you on their way to more power or just those sadistic enough to want you to suffer. But ironically enough, having power just makes you an even bigger target to those who would want to claim your power for their own. Not to mention the age-old and well-used saying that “power corrupts.” In other words, there’s a big chance you end up wanting more power to protect whatever power you already have to the point that you will cross lines and trample lines to get more.

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The Circumstances Behind the Dark Lion Earl’s Second Marriage – Prolouge

I was in darkness.

I was in the midst of darkness on the inside and out.

Outside, I was completely surrounded by darkness.  And inside, I was filled with the darkness called despair.

A hole had opened in my heart, a chilling hole from losing someone dear.

Inside the abyss where I could see neither purpose nor future, filled with so much darkness that my body seemed to be part of it, I saw a light.

A brilliant yet ominous light. But I would rather be in the dazzling, sweet, sparkling light than be in the dark.

I stretched out my own hands to the hand that offered that light.

I’ll definitely get it back. Together with that oath.

No matter how many sacrifices it takes, no matter who it may be, this oath alone, will never be overturned.

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