Female Sleuths in Interesting Settings

I love mysteries, especially when the main character is female. I admire how tough they are. Some unfortunately become cynical due to their profession requiring them to face liars, thieves, murderers and anything else in between . Admittedly, facing people who downright disrespect and harm you would make anyone question whether the job is worth it.

But these ladies continue on with their commitment to justice or basically just doing the right thing despite experiencing plenty of job-related, near-death experiences.

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How to Escape from the Implacable Man – 1. Beginning

With both hands heavily shackled, I stared up at the young man in front of me.

His golden hair, like that of an angel’s, was glowing with a faint light from the skylight that shined through the window, like how divinity was bestowed in religious paintings. No emerald could rival the brightness in his fresh verdure eyes, it looked all the more brilliant on that lovely, beautifully arranged features.

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