Girl Lives with a Powerful Notorious Magician

Fantasy lovers must be very familiar with this trope

Let’s see if this sounds familiar. A girl who is in some way disenfranchised is left with no other recourse but to stay with a powerful but incredibly notorious magician or wizard.

More often than not, the girl comes in and is given the position of a servant. But then the girl is discovered to have an aptitude for magic.

But even before that, there’s this belligerent sexual tension between the girl and the magician that seems to imply that the magician sort-of views her his equal at least in terms of intellect and/or sheer stubbornness

Any of that familiar to you? Any of it sound good? Here are some recommendations for you:

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Terrible in a Good Way: Books that put me in Rec’ing Dilemma

Have you ever read a really great book that wrecked you on a mental and/or emotional level? Have you end up debating with yourself if you should get your book-loving friends to read it or not?

The books I’m referring to are good enough to keep you on your toes and make you form emotional attachments with the characters. But your peace of mind and worldview will be shaken since some fiction writer decided that newspaper articles just weren’t enough to give you a dose of what a messed up world we live in.
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Red Queen & Red Rising: What’s the Difference?

At first glance, both books (written by different authors) have eerie similarities. The premise sounds the same.

Basically, the reds are the lower, underprivileged class in a society far into the future. And with the ultimate goal of freeing the reds from what basically amounts to slavery, the main character of each book have to pretend to be part of the ruling class (the Silvers for Red Queen and the Golds for Red Rising).

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