Featured Character: Bethesda the Heartstriker

They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And out of all women in your life, mothers are beings that can make you run to the hills if you ever cross them. But, if you think your mom is scary, then you haven’t met Bethesda the Heartstriker.


Bethesda is a strong, independent, single mother of a hundred or so children. Love her or hate her, no child of hers can deny she is quite a talented individual. With the number of offsprings she has, she has taught herself several useful skills – one of them is being able to talk with each individual child simultaneously without them knowing better.

You know that some eagles push their young off the nest to teach them to fly? Well, this is practically Bethesda’s Bible. So much so that if the little birdies don’t fly, they’ll be thanking the gods if they just fall to their deaths.

She gets her children to be the best they can be by giving them the push they need. Her threat is quite simple. They either become the best, or, become her food. To be fair, she doesn’t enjoy eating the runts of the clan either, her kin tastes terrible after all.

Despite her love for pure gold and the authority she has over her family, there is one thing she prizes most of all, the #1 in her heart – herself. Oh… did I mention she’s a real-life, fire-breathing dragon?

You can find this ambitious and manipulating dragoness in the Heartstriker series.

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