Books for Detective Conan Fans

OMG! I first saw this anime/manga in grade school. And I couldn’t believe it’s still running!

Don’t get me wrong. I love the story! But I’ve never imagined it could run this long. Most series don’t even get more than 13 episodes!

Storywise, I know that it’s a great series. I love the cases they investigate. I love the callback to Conan/Shinichi’s favorite Sherlock Holmes. I love how he has to be “undercover” as 7 year old Conan Edogawa to keep those mysterious men in black from coming after him again.

Though I really hope that Ran finally knows about Conan/Shinichi’s circumstances. I mean the girl has been waiting for him to come back to her for over 20 years (in our time). But please tell me if status quo remains and only Ai and the Professor know who Conan really is.

If you love this series for the unique mysteries Gosho Aoyama cooks up for Conan, then you might like the following.

I won’t recommend Sherlock Holmes books. Because I think the Conan series already does that quite well.

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Ten strangers are invited by a Mr U. N. Owen to his private island. But they realize too late that this mysterious host whose name can actually be pronounced as “Unknown” has malicious plans for them. Tensions rise when the strangers die one by one. And the survivors have to figure out who the killer is before they all die.

This is one of the best mystery novels out there. A classic that is still sold in bookstores today. I literally could not guess who the killer was until the very end. But the clues makes sense when the reveal is finally made. Give this a try. Without looking at the last few pages of the book, try to make your own deduction of who the killer is.

If you feel like reading a series starring a detective:

Then try Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple Novels and Hercule Poirot Novels


For the Miss Marple Novels, my favorites have been:

4.50 from Paddington

An elderly lady on a train happens to look out her window onto another train passing by the opposite direction. However, she is shocked to find that one of the windows shows a man choking a woman. Unfortunately, no one believes her except her friend Miss Marple. And Miss Marple decides to investigate

It’s a shame that even now, we tend to underestimate the elderly. Sometimes, we’d probably think the little old lady’s eyes are betraying her or maybe she’s suffering dementia or Alzheimers. And I always liked the element of being the underdog especially when the character proves the antagonist wrong.


A rich man has died and decided to leave a sum of money for Miss Marple on the condition that she help find out the truth of a decades old case. All those years, he believed that his son murdered a girl. But prior to his death, the man starts having second thoughts and asks Miss Marple to find out the truth.

I’m always a fan of someone trying to ensure justice is done from out of the grave (figuratively speaking. No zombies in this book). So if you like those sort of stories, give this book a try


For Hercule Poirot, my favorite remains to be The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

In this novel, the Belgian-born detective Poirot is being assisted by Dr James Sheppard and his sister Caroline as they find out who killed Dr Sheppard’s friend Roger Ackroyd. At the onset of the investigation, there was a widow who committed suicide because she was being blackmailed. Roger Ackroyed, a wealthy man with feelings for the widow, vowed to find the blackmailer but is killed soon after.

Being a wealthy man, he could have been killed for his money instead of by the blackmailer. And Poirot is there to determine that

This is one of those books that makes me go WTF with the reveal. But then after thinking about things, it makes sense. You don’t need info from previous books to understand this one. It’s a pretty self-contained novel that I think any mystery lover will enjoy. And by the way, as of the time of this writing, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is just $1.99 on Amazon. So you might want to take a look! 🙂

If you want to talk about mysteries, Detective Conan or my obsession with Agatha Christie, please leave a comment. I hope you liked these recommendations!


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