Western Book for Shounen-Ai Fans

Ah… bromance, two men who are so close, people often wonder about their sexuality. For those fujoshis out there, please give this Western series a chance. I love and keep re-reading these books time and time again.

Hope you enjoy! 

Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner

Set in an unnamed city where duels with the sword are a matter of honor, the novel begins with blood on the snow and a figure departing from the party. Having permanently dispatched (ie killed) one opponent and seriously injuring the other in front of a party of nobles, Richard St Vier takes off. But not to run away. Simply to go back home after a job from an employer he will not name.

In this city, nobles have the privilege of the sword wherein they can challenge rivals to the death in open combat. But by the time of this novel, the nobility have grown complacent and leave the dueling to hired swordsmen to fight for their honor.

Richard happens to be the best swordsman in town. However, political machinations abound. And one Chancellor wishes to move up in office by contracting Richard to kill his superior. Richard is too smart to get involved with that. However, the Chancellor knows of the existence of Richard’s lover Alec, a scholar with a mysterious past

Very witty. With colorful characters. I was charmed with this book. And I like how things begin to ravel and unravel. Do give this book a try and let me know what you think! 🙂

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