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The following are good books featuring angels. I think readers who like romance would be interested in the following selections

Some things to note though:

With any Angel romance usually comes mention of the Nephilim, the offspring between an angel and a human. Usually the angel is male and the human is female. This is probably due to some Biblical references (it won’t be in the King James Version though) to sons of god (not Jesus) taking to wife the daughters of men.

Why does any Angel romance almost always include Nephilim mentions? Well, Nephilim are usually seen as taboo (aka creatures that should not be born). Hence it provides conflict to the angel and human from getting together. And what is a story without conflict?

In cases of Angelic romance, expect the angel to be the warrior type angel instead of the cute baby cherubs you see in some art forms. I’m not sure why but that always seem to be the case.

If you look at a book that has an angel being in love with a human, he is often (in cases of romance genre books) the warrior, “smiting” type angel that battles with evil. Expect the angel to not be very knowledgeable to how humans live their everyday lives though.

Funny enough that I haven’t read of a guardian angel/human romance. I’m sure it’s out there. But the ones that seem to be more popular are the warrior angel/human romance though. LOL. Personally, I think it’s because the warrior angel type is seen as more take-charge and assertive while the guardian angel type is seen as the more sensitive and supportive angel. And thus, the former gets more attention. But that’s just what I think

If there are any guardian angel/human romance you’d like to recommend, please let me know. And I’d be happy to take a look!

Now, without further ado, here are my book recs for angel romance

1. Archangel by Sharon Shinn

Status: Finished

Let’s start with a title that doesn’t fit the usual mold: Sharon Shinn’s sci-fi novel Archangel

Every 20 years or so, a new Archangel is chosen to rule over the land of Samaria. But in order to do so properly, he must find his Angelica (his wife). The Angel Gabriel has already been given her name. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know where to find her.

Meanwhile, Rachel has endured years of slavery. Should she ever get out of it, she has enough bitterness and hate to destroy the city that enslaved her…

Personally, I think Faith is a main theme of this book. It’s not necessarily the Christian faith. But more of the belief that things will work out despite little to no evidence supporting it. But still enduring and striving towards that goal. This book is also a story about love or the start of one between two people with differing backgrounds and the inevitable personality clashes and how they resolve it

Unlike other angel books, the angels in this title are more “winged” humans rather than biblical supernatural creatures. Thus, they are encouraged to have relationships with “normal” humans

Check it out. And if you liked it, you might want to try out the rest of the series:


2. Angelfall by Susan Ee

Status: Finished

This falls under an angelic dystopia. Angels are responsible for the end of the world as Penryn knows it. With a mentally unwell mother and a disabled sister, life after the end got even harder for her. And it gets worse when she witnesses a fight between angels which ends with her sister kidnapped.

All she has to go on is information for the injured angel, Raffe who’s forced to walk in this adventure due to his wings being cut off

This book is anime/manga-inspired in its humor and situations. It’s definitely a fun read for me.

If you liked this book, definitely give the rest of the series a try


3. A Demon Bound by Debra Dunbar

Status: On-going

Samantha Martin (not her real name) is a demon who owns a lot of property on earth. She’s what you might call a slum-lord. She doesn’t have much friends. She has Wyatt, her human neighbor and there’s Boomer, her hell-hound. Unfortunately, she’s forced to help out the werewolves due to Boomer’s antics and it leads her to cross paths with a powerful angel Gregory (not his actual name).

Problem is, demons aren’t supposed to be out of hell and angels like Gregory kill on sight.

This is a funny series. But I warn you that Sam has little to no morals and some of her actions cross the line. So you might get offended by a lot of things she does. But if you decide to stick around for the succeeding books, I think you’ll enjoy the series better as Sam gets a lot of character development

Also, Warning for Sam’s potty mouth

You can try out the Kindle edition which is free at the time of this writing

If you liked this series, take a look at the other books:


4. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Status: Finished

An angel Akiva and a “demon” Madrigal fall in love.

Tragedy ensues

And the novel starts with a human girl Karou at an art school in Prague. She’s no normal girl however. Her guardians are “chimaeric” and she can travel the world using certain doors.

And for reasons she is never told, her guardian keeps giving her errands to acquire teeth (human and otherwise)

This novel starts out slow for me. But once I warmed up to it, I really looked forward to how those factors come together.

IF you liked this book, take a look at the rest of the series

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