Different Interpretation of Werewolves and Vampires

Vampires and Werewolves. Two of the most media-heavy of the supernatural creatures. Every year, we get books and/or movies starring these. And I’m sure if you’re reading this, then you’ve been flooded with so many vamp or werewolf lore that you feel like an expert.

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If you still love vampires or werewolves, but wanting fresh interpretations here are some recommendations

1. Written in Red by Anne Bishop

Series: On-going

Supernatural creatures like vampires and werewolves were clearly never human in this book. Sure, they can take on human form but they have surface knowledge of what humanity is really like. They own the land humans live in and only tolerate the “clever monkeys” for their clever inventions. Things begin to change when a girl named Meg seeks a job with them.

Very enjoyable because while the supernatural creatures (The Others) can be brutal, they can be innocent and childlike. Especially in their interaction with Meg.

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2. Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

Status: On-Going

Vampires are human corpses changed and controlled (aka piloted) by humans with powers. While werewolves and other animal shifters come from humans and/or animals infected with the virus known as Lyc-V. Infected parents pass it on to their children. The Main Character Kate Daniels come across the Pack (one of the largest group of shifters in North America) during her investigation to find out her guardian’s murderer

Full of action and also humor especially as you get more familiar with the world. This series almost ruined the urban fantasy genre for me because not a lot can measure up to it.

If you liked this book, please take a look at the rest of the series

3. Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison

Status: Finished

Werewolves cannot turn humans and have to breed to get more werewolf babies. And vampires have the living and un dead vampires. The former can but don’t need to drink blood while the latter need blood but lose their humanity after death. In this world, a virus that killed a majority of the human population exposes the existence of supernatural creatures in hiding (eg. vamps, weres, witches). And by the main character Rachel Morgan’s time, there are universities offering courses for witches and a separate investigation bureau for the supernatural

Very interesting read. And likeable characters. Though it might take time to warm up to this book. But do take a look at it. And if you liked it, you might want to finish the rest of the series

4. Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews

Status: On-going

Werewolves and vampires are actually extra-terrestrials. And the main character Dina runs a magical inn that only takes on extra-terrestrial guests.

Another entertaining series by Ilona Andrews. So expect action, romance and humor. And probably internet memes along the way

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5. The Greyfriar by Clay and Susan Griffith

Status: Finished

No werewolves here. But vampires are the main focus of this series. In this book, vampires are a different species rather than supernatural. They breed and have children. And by the start of the book, they have conquered the northern part of the world. Only few human empires and countries remain, one of which belongs to Princess Adele.

An attack by vampires separates her from her guards. But she is rescued by the Greyfriar, a legendary swordsman who fights on par with vampires.

I’d advise readers to be patient with this book. When I read it, it was slow at the beginning and only started to be exciting at the middle.

Perfect for those who are fans of superheroes with secret identities

If you liked this book, take a look at the rest of the series

6. Menagerie by Rachel Vincent

Status: On-Going

Supernatural creatures like werewolves are considered a different species here. With many of them either hunted or placed in a freak show or a menagerie. The main character Delilah Marlowe is horrified when a teenaged wolf girl is being whipped to perform. And suddenly transforms into a creature that instantly punished the abuser. Needless to say, Delilah becomes a part of the Menagerie even though tests later show that her DNA is human…

For those who are fans of the brutal kind of “justice,” you might like this book. Other than that, you might also be fascinated with the world created here. Where the supernaturals like succubi and djinn can be caged and forced into what amounts to slavery and what Delilah can do to bring retribution for the abuse

If you liked this, you might want to try the sequel Spectacle

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3 Replies to “Different Interpretation of Werewolves and Vampires”

  1. I LOVE Anne Bishop and her Meg Corbyn serie! The books are so great, I have them all!!!! The story with different points of view is so intense and heartbreaking at times and then we change to a scene that makes you smile to another full of angst! The flore is incredibly interesting and surprising! You always find yourself surprised by the new things you discover in this world, the characters try their hardest to do what they believe (and know) what is important and the tension between humans and The Others is almost palpable being the central point where everything spin around. I truly recommend this serie if you want to try something new and breathtaking!!!

    I have a very special attachment to the Rachel Morgan’s series, its a long story of myself in search of the books in french or spanish over 5 years as the entire serie wasn’t translated (and english isnt my first lenguage so i learnd it much, Much later).
    Rachel Morgan isn’t like your typical heroine, she’s experienced.
    Always surounded by people who want to skin her alive and worse, she’ll find her incontournable allies in Jenks, a pixy very salty and father of 59, and Ivy, the broken vampire who fight the bad guys with incredible efficiency.
    So, this world have not only your usual werewolf and vampire, you’ll find yourself with trolls, demons, faes, dead people, too much leather and 2000 connotations.
    Its a great serie that could had a better ending so I suggest you stop at book 11-10 because after? Its just to have more books and fill blanks. The story could have easily ended Before.
    Still Great!!!!!

    So now its Magic Bites… The serie start correctly and its mechanics in the world + flux of magic is incredible, the idea is really original and the heroine(Kate Daniels) is strong and will gain even more power at each book and you could say the same thing about her secrets which are pretty huge and wooooow wowowowow Imma stop talkin’about it. The thing is… I stopped at book 6.
    I couldnt make myself read more. The reason is… Curran. In the firsts books he was competent, interesting, intense and in This book I just found him.. Lame. What I mean by this is our typical overprotecting Were and I could not stand it anymore. I’m very patient but this- THIS was too much. I know he’s just trying to protect Kate but the way he did? Its dumb and horrible!
    And I was tired of how the story was told with Kate (kind of) crying over her life and idunno…

    So thats it. I wanted to comment those books because I read’em and felt like it could help you to have an idea about them.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! The Others definitely fit the type of cute and can actually kill you! I like Anne Bishop’s books because the characters make the right decision (at least IMO). So I don’t have to react to how stupid characters are in this series. Because they are definitely not!

      In regards to Curran from the Kate Daniels Series, I understand what you mean. In my opinion, the authors (because they’re a husband and wife team) had to generate conflict between Curran and Kate to retain interest and also to lengthen the book. I think that the conflict was necessary because there’s always this fear that a pair who had a long Unresolved Sexual Tension will lose its fire with audience/readers once the pair gets together. Which is why you notice a lot of main pairings in a lot of series only getting together by the end of the series. Anyway, that’s just my thoughts. In my opinion, it gets better as the series progresses. After the book, I remember that Curran and Kate become a more united and badass pair.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts! Always happy to hear from readers! And wow! Your English is 100x better than my French! Perhaps I should find French or Spanish Translated books to improve my knowledge of foreign languages 🙂

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